Saturday, September 11, 2010

Finally! Someone I Actually Think is Deserving!

So, I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory. Both the scientific theory and the sitcom. Now, I am genreally not a "sitcom" person. I usually can't stand the tripe that media shoves down our throats these days. Most sitcoms are tired and boring with the same jokes week in and week out. I'm more into CSI, Criminal Minds, Ghost Hunters. Billy the Exterminator, Forensic Files etc...

But then I stumbled onto The Big Bang Theory. It certainly works just like any other situation comedy ... there are some on-going jokes but it is far more cerebral. They actually have a full panel of scientists that help write the show and offer expert advice. So, every scientific theory presented on the show is based on actual fact. Imagine! A sitcom that can actually teach you something.  Rather than give you the whole synopsis of the show here check out the Wikipedia site for basic info.

The other thing I really love about this show is that every character is an oddball with his or her own idiosycrasies. They are nerds and because I myself am a bit of a weirdo, it's easy for me to relate to them. Far easier than trying to relate to characters on shows such as "Friends" and the like. Here's my take on the characters:

Dr. Sheldon Cooper - A germaphobic, narcissistic, anal retentive physicist.
Dr. Leonard Hoffsetter - A sweet, shy physicist with low self-esteem.
Dr. Raj Kuthrapali - An astrophysicist who is a native of India, but hates everything to do with Indian culture and he is can't talk around women.
Howard Wallowitz - A space engineer who thinks he has mad skills with the Ladies.
Penny - The only non-nerd character, she's a beautiful, practical girl who is an aspiring actress but works at the cheesecake factory.

Because of the geeky nature of the characters,  The Big Bang Theory has a plethora of previously untapped comic fodder.  So far they've poked fun at Halo, Renaissance Fairs, World of Warcraft, RockBand/Guitar Hero, Magic the Gathering, Comic Book Collecting etc.... And I know there's so much more on the way.

Anywho ... I am so thrilled that Jim Parsons (plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper)  just recently won the Emmy for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series!  Nobody that I like ever wins.  So I'm jumping up and down with joy.  He so deserves this.   This scene from the pilot episode is what got me hooked and is a great example of Jim's Genius! CBS has it copyrighted to the hilt so, I can't embed it.

On top of that great news I'm so excited that the show is coming back for a 4th Season, which starts on Thursday September 23rd on CBS.  And even better just in time for my birthday the 3rd Season is coming out on DVD on Tuesday!  I may just have to whip out the credit card and get myself a present and add it to my collection.


  1. I so tried to get into TBBT, but for some reason I just couldn't do it, but yet I can't stand to miss Grey's Anatomy, which too starts 9/23. It is awesome to be able to watch TV with someone on it that you actually like! Happy early birthday and I find it a GREAT gift!

  2. This is the best show EVER! Mike bought us the DVD's and we watch them over and over. I love Sheldon!

  3. I agree that Jim Parsons is a genius in this role. Most of the writing is beyond exceptional as well. What I love is that this show helps me feel better about my own youth. You are the best!

  4. CCasters: Mmmmm.......makes me wonder about your youth? Were you naughty or nerdy? *giggle*

    Remington - You are one smart pooch! I watch the fist two seasons frequently and NEVER get tired of them.

    Mistified: Thanks for the B-day wishes. TBBT certainly isn't for everybody. Funny though, I feel the same way about Grey's Anatomy. Oh, well. To each HER own.

  5. Tomorrow night is the BIG night! Can't wait!

  6. I love that show, I find it so funny, then again I am a couch potato and will watch pretty much anything. Ghost hunters is one of my all time favorites!

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    Thank you for following and the comments you provide. It's nice to know there is someone just up/down the street that cares what is written on my blog.

  8. I love big bang theory. It is the shit.