Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Sun

Okay so there may not be a lot in this blog that you don't already know. But, I think sometimes we humans are so busy with our man-made miracles (i.e., computers, phones etc...) that we take mother nature's miracles for granted. So here's a look at that ever present summer icon ..... The Sun.

When you think about it there is nothing in our universe more powerful than The Sun. In fact it is the CENTER of our universe. It has affected many facets of human (and animal) life for billions of years. It helps serve many physical needs. Most obvious of which it provides light so that we are able to see the rest of mother nature's beauty all around us. It provides heat to help keep our bodies and homes warm. If used properly it's energy could be used to power/fuel cars, homes etc... It is an integral part of photosynthesis which helps to grow food that nourishes us. The Sun has also been a central part of many influential religions both past and present (Wicca, Egyptology etcc ...).

The sun is in fact a star it appears so much larger than the other stars we see at night because it is the closest start to our planet. As far as stars go it is of about average size. However, it's mass is still so great that it keeps Earth and all the other planets orbiting around it due to the law of gravity. The sun is literally a ball of gas. It is primarily made up of Hydrogen (74%) and Helium (24%).

For Centuries humanity has venerated the sun. To prehistoric humans is was a great disk that brought light when it arrived and left darkness in it's wake when it left. Later in ancient cultures such as the Incans, Aztecs, Egyptians, Druids etc .. it was considered to be a source a of great power and even a god. There are many monuments have been constructed within these Sun Worshipping communities such as the such as Stonehenge in England, Newgrange in Ireland and pyrimids in Egypt and throughout Central & South America.

The Greeks of course were the first to pose scientific explanations of the sun. Philospher Anaxagoras was the first to discern that the sun was not godly (Chariot of Helios) but a giant flaming ball of metal. Eratosthenes was the first person to accurately calculate the distance between Earth and the Sun. Along with Native Americans Greek Aristarchus was the first man to propse the theorgy that the sun was the center of the galaxy and this ideas was confirmed by Nicolaus Copernicus who invent the fist telescope. And the discoveries just went on and on from there incluce Galileo Galilei's observations and theories regarding sunspots.
If you are a science and Astronomy buff like myself you may be interesting in checking out the plethora of information on Wikipedia. The Sun on Wikipedia

As for my personal philosophies regarding the sun. It is daily inspiration and an anchor. It holds significant spiritual importance. It is a reminder that ever day is a new day. A new chance at a better life.

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  1. So that is what has been kicking my butt for the last two weeks. It looks so much more awe inspiring in the photo. I like the sun and we wouldn;t have gotten far without it. Just sometimes...I wish there was a thermostat close by.